Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diaper Change Horror Help.

This is a day late because my computer overheated yesterday and stopped working for a little bit. But now that it is up and running again I will be doing two posts today so that I can keep up with my daily posts.

If you're a mom you probably know the horrors of diaper changes. The first blowout Ryan had I actually cried because I didn't know what to do. Oh the things we go through as mothers. We get pooped and peed on and yet we still love our little ones [of course]. Some babies hate diaper changes. I'm lucky that Ryan actually likes them, but now that he rolls over and likes to explore things, diaper changes have gotten extremely hard to do lately. This is what I have come up with to keep him from moving his hand every where and rolling all over the place:
 Exhibit A:

I taped a picture up on the wall for him to look at. As you can see he ripped off part of the bottom, but that was before I got smart and taped down the entire edge. He likes to try and get it down and he likes to touch the animal. He bats at the picture while I change his diaper and it has been a lifesaver. It's so much easier for me and it doesn't take forever to get him changed. I change the picture every once in a while so that he has something new to look at and play with. Obviously this won't help when you're out some place or when you don't change them on the changing table, but when you do you'll find that when they are occupied with something it's a lot easier. And the nice thing about the picture is that it doesn't get in the way like a toy does. 

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