Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Adventures.

 I went to Ball State my freshman year of college. It's actually where I met Jon. I had plans to go back there this year but when I got pregnant, those plans changed. I went to visit all of my friends this past weekend during my spring break. It was a blast and it was so great to see everyone. They all got to meet Ryan and we had a relaxing time.

Mike and me recreating our picture from last year.
Before heading to Ball State, we actually went to go see Jon and his family for a few days. I was glad that we got to see them and that Ryan got to spend time with his daddy!

Over all, I had a pretty good spring break. I feel like death and want to sleep all the time now, but it was definitely worth it. Now it's time to get serious and get back to my studies because spring break is officially over and classes started back up today. Yuck!

Ryan playing with daddy.
Daddy and Ryan.
Ryan with Grandma Cutshaw.
Daddy helping Mommy give Ryan a bath in the sink.

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