Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just A Little Inspiration For The Mind.

 I wish I could find a guy that follows this. I am so over heart-breaks and drama and all of the other crap that guys bring along in a relationship. You think girls are divas and dramatic? Think again most guys have more drama than a normal girl they just don't always broadcast it, but somehow it still ends up ruining your life in some way. This post may make me look like I hate the male race and I don't just a lot of guys I've known/dated have been complete jerks to me. I just want one guy to prove to me that they aren't all like that. I want somebody to love me for me and not try to turn me into something that I'm not. I think this is want all of us want. After all, we are human. We want to love and be loved, but I guess some people just can't handle or accomplish the task.

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