Friday, February 25, 2011

Friendly Friday [Blog Hop]

Tawnasplan Friend Finding Fridays

Blog Hops are a good way to get more people to follow your blog and to find different blogs to read yourself.


  1. Hi Christina! I'm a new follower! What an adorable boy you got there! Looking forward to reading more! Stop by my site,
    you might find a few deals and freebies!


  2. hello! *smile* New follower to your blog! I am from the Friendly Friday Bloghop! I hope to get to read more from your blog and become bloggy friendz. Come by and say hello when you get the chance! *smile* Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

  3. Hi! I am a new follower and number 13! Whoah I don't know if I like that number but I guess there is nothing I can do about that. I was reading a little about your depression and you aren't alone! I have Fibromyalgia, IBS, Hypothyroidism, have had both knees totally replaced,RA & OA, IC and a few others to list. The RA and Fibro are the ones that wear me out the most. It has slowed me down alot. I used to be faster than I was. The Fibro does keep me exhausted also and I take several naps a day. What I have learned is this: Listen to your body. If you need a nap don't fight it, take it and you will feel better when you do. If you have to let your housework go, big deal. Your friends and family will understand and if they don't then find some new friends that do! Life is too short to worry about other people. You and your baby are what matters the most. Be selfish and just do what makes you happy. Now, I am not saying go out shopping and run up several thousands of dollars on credit cards. I had always wanted to have a garden and when I lost my job because of repeated hospitalizations I was upset at first but then decided to try gardening. It was a life saver. I poured all my energy into that and now I have a great garden. I am an avid reader and if left alone I could read a book a day! Find something that makes you smile and go for it! Stop by my blog and read how I get over some of my obstacles. I try to find humor in everything and I had one reader say she liked reading my articles because I have some a different approach to things and I have a dry sense of humor. I usually only apply it to myself. I would never make fun of someone else unless it is Snooki or someone like her. They are off the charts in their behavior. I hope you have a good weekend and being down here and there is really not a big deal. You can get thru this. I hope you go to my blog and follow me back. I am trying to get enough followers so I can qualify to be a reviewer and then later add giveaways. I need more experience before I do that. I have to figure out how to make my own button for other bloggers to grab and I don't have the Subscribe to box either. I thought I read the directions right but nothing appeared on my blog so I will have to start over again, I guess. Sigh, our work is never done and men wonder why we get so cranky when they leave dishes in the sink when there is a dishwasher right next to it? All you have to do is bend over a little??? Have a good day.

    Mary @