Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's Your Personality Type?

I'm taking a class called 'Critical Thinking.' It was not my idea to take this class but I have to take it to graduate so here I am taking this lovely class on how to use my brain. It's only a one credit hour class and only meets once a week but man do I ever dread going to that class. Not necessarily because of the topic of the class, but because my professor is so mono-tone. I practically fall asleep every time I'm in the class. But that is besides the point, we are actually doing something interesting in the class. He's not teaching it (Thank goodness!! ha-ha), but we are going to a seminar for two of our classes. The seminar is about the Meyer-Brigs typological approach. Before going to the first seminar we had to take an online test to see what personality type we are. We also did a personal examination at the session to see if we got the same results. Mine was spot on. Out of the 16 different personality groups, I'm an ESFJ.

Here's my short result analysis. You are:
  • very expressed extravert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • moderately expressed feeling personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality
That all pretty means that I am: warm-hearted, talkative, popular, conscientious, born cooperator, active committee member. Need harmony and may be good at creating it. Always doing something nice for someone. Works best with encouragement and praise. Main interest is in things that directly and visibly affect people's lives.

If you know me you would know that that is all pretty much right on. I was amazed with my results. So what will your results be? Take the Meyer-Briggs Personality Type Test to find out.

After you find out your results, you can click on this website [] and find out exactly what your type means. This was one of my favorite sites. You can find more when you search it at Google. The site will pop up as my result, but all you have to do, is find yours at the top of the page and click on it. The Personality Page is also another website that has a lot of information about personalities. When you go to the page just click the little square pictures that are part of the pages toolbar.

All of this information is really interesting. It can be useful to understand yourself or others better. Enjoy! I find it all really interesting.

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